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About Reflexology

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Reflexology enhances your body’s own natural healing processes.
It promotes balance both physically and emotionally.

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a soothing technique that applies pressure to reflex areas and points on the face, ears, hands and feet. These reflex points and areas relate to specific parts of the body.


Reflexology dates back thousands of years and evidence shows some form of hand and foot reflexology being practised in China and in ancient Egypt as shown pictured in the tomb of Ankamahor. In the early 1900s, Dr William H. Fitzgerald introduced the concept of zone therapy to the Western world and in the early 1930s, American physiotherapist Eunice Ingham furthered the concept of zone therapy to what is known as ‘modern reflexology’ today. Through her work, Ingham studied, tested and documented her findings and then mapped the reflexes on the feet which were a mirror image of the organs, glands and parts of the body. This is known as the ‘Ingham Method’ of reflexology, using the reflexes mapped on the feet which anatomically correspond to the body.


What are the benefits of Reflexology?

Reflexology is a therapeutic, non-invasive modality and enhances our own natural healing processes. It stimulates the circulation to restore energy flow which helps clear blockages which may have occurred due to stress, toxins, illness, emotions and injury. 


Reflexology quickly brings about a feeling of deep relaxation. You may feel you are being pampered during a reflexology session, but do not underestimate its effectiveness in improving symptoms of both acute and chronic health conditions.

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By optimising blood and energy flow from the tips of your toes to the crown of your head Reflexology promotes healing and wellbeing
Foot Reflexology
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Gift Packs and Subscription options are available. 
Check out the bookings and services for more information.

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment following both ancient and modern therapies with the potential to balance the individual on physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels. It is also deeply relaxing.

Facial Reflexology, developed by Danish reflexologist, Lone Sorenson, the Sorensensistem™,  follows a 7-step treatment protocol using ancient Vietnamese and South American body maps.


For most effective results, an individualised treatment plan is developed for you after your initial treatment. This incorporates combining additional treatments with the 7-step protocol to address your specific needs. Additional treatments may include for example, facial nerve points, cranial points and lines and/or emotional/hormonal balancing with the colon link technique.

Foot Reflexology

More than just a foot rub!

Step into wellness with Foot Reflexology!


Often blockages, which can be the result of stress, toxins, injury or illness, manifest in the corresponding relax areas of the feet. Reflexology works to ease these congested reflexes and stimulate the energy flow and circulation around the body. 


Considering the human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles, 10 tendons, more than 100 ligaments and over 7,000 nerve endings, the foot is an amazing structure. It supports our body weight, balance and mobility and is often the part of our body we neglect the most.

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Luxe Treatment

This two-hour treatment is pure bliss!


Start with a relaxing magnesium and therapeutic grade essential oil foot soak, then a facial reflexology treatment to ease any aches, pains or emotional upsets, relax with a therapeutic essential oil-infused face mask while you receive a full foot reflexology treatment, also easing aches, pains and stresses!

Relaxation time and high vibrational, uplifting music allows your body time to fully absorb the benefits of this luxe treatment!

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Japanese Cosmo Natural Face Lifting

Chinese Reflexology

In many parts of Asia, reflexology clinics are commonplace and business people queue to have their daily session in their breaks. Chinese Reflexology is used as a tune-up rather than a relaxation therapy.


Short on time? Chinese Reflexology is a 30-minute treatment. The pressure is generally much firmer than foot reflexology and you will feel refreshed and revitalised. It is ideal to have this treatment type in your lunch break or before you start work.   


Chinese Reflexology can also be combined with Facial Reflexology of Japanese Cosmo Natural Face Lifting.

Japanese Cosmo Natural Face Lifting is a combination of Facial Reflexology methods and specialised Japanese techniques. The aim is to improve facial muscle tone by improving energy and organ imbalances within the body- working from the inside out.


The technique includes points related to the meridians, reflex zones and areas on the face combined with using reflex points to stimulate the lymphatic system.


It promotes a ‘natural’ lift in the face by stimulating the organs, including the skin (our largest organ) and muscle tone in the whole body, including the facial muscles. It is like a gym workout for your face!


As Japanese Cosmo Natural Face Lifting is a very relaxing treatment, stress-related tension is reduced within the body, as well as the facial muscles.

(For optimal results, see packages for treatment protocol)

Japanese Cosmo
Chinese Reflexology
Luxe Treatment
Facial Reflexology
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