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How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology on the feet focuses on applying pressure to specific areas of foot. The bottom of the feet are like a map which reflect your body. There are various types of Reflexology and some slight variations in the foot map. I am trained in the Ingham method and follow this map of the body. Basically if you can imagine laying down, feet together and the bottom of your feet reflecting your whole body from your head down to your toes.

If you think about where your organs lie in your body, that is where it will be worked on your feet. For example, when working the chest and lung reflexes, I am working on the balls of your feet. When working the digestive reflexes, I am working middle part of your feet. The liver and gall bladder reflexes on the right foot, the intestinal reflexes across both feet and so on (see attached diagram). Reflexology applies pressure to these reflexes using different techniques such as thumb walking, knuckle sliding or holding pressure on specific points.

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem method, follows 7 basic steps. Initially the rotation of points, then long, firm strokes are applied following the South American Facial Map linking to the major body systems, next the area where congestion lies is worked firmly, followed by working the Vietnamese body map for muscular skeletal stimulation. At this point additional treatments are included in the client’s treatment plan focusing on the main area of congestion or discomfort the client is experiencing. The treatment concludes with a balancing sequence and may be followed by crystal balls or rollers to soothe and calm the face.


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