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What are the benefits of Reflexology?

How can Reflexology benefit you?

There are many benefits to Reflexology and how it can benefit you! For example, reflexology can support improved sleep, calm the nervous system, balance the hormonal system, improve circulation and detoxify the body and more!

The following is a simplistic analogy of our body and how it works and does not take into account other key factors such as emotions and energy that can impact our overall health and wellbeing. However, it does provide a general explanation of how reflexology can benefit you.

I use the analogy of a car engine. All the parts of the car engine are dependent on each other, each part relies on another to work to its optimum level. If one part is not working, the overall functioning of the car is not very good. It may not accelerate as quickly, it may stall at the lights, it may be jerking when increasing speed- it needs a service to access which parts are working to their optimum level and thus affecting the overall functioning of the car.

Our bodies are the same in that each part is interrelated to another. Our organs, muscles, nerves, glands, cells are all dependent on another. So to work at its optimum capacity, our bodies need to be looked after and maintained.

Reflexology works to create balance within our body systems and maintain this balance. Through working specific areas relevant to your issues or concerns and that identified during your treatment, pressure is applied to specific reflex areas to restore energy flow and help clear congestion and blockages which may have occurred due to illness, stress, emotions, toxins or injury. Reflexology supports your body to function at its optimum.

I chose this image as a reminder that like the car needing fuel, water and oil for example, we also need to care for our overall health and wellbeing, including exercise, diet and mental health. It is a holistic approach to caring for our mind and body.


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